The Hybrid

The 'Green' Solution

Let us design a refrigeration system for your commercial van or utility trailer that can operate completely “green” emission-free while parked –  downtown, farmers markets, festivals, catered events, fall fairs etc.

Your customers will appreciate your company’s technology and enjoy the reduction in noise levels typically associated with engine driven refrigeration systems.


  • Zero idling refrigeration
  • No carbon fuel operation on auxiliary power
  • Noise reduction
  • Engine-off operation
  • Recharge capability in “down”  time with conventional 110 volt power
  • A “GREEN” company image

 We can do a feasibility analysis based on the size of your cargo area and the temperature you need and  recommend a state of the art battery operated refrigeration/freezer system. With budget numbers from this analysis you can make an educated business decision as to its “fit” within your business model


The Hybrid

Our commercial van refrigeration system can be:

  • powered by the vehicle engine in-transit,
  • powered by the integrated  110 volt “standby” system when parked at home base (or on-site if reliable  110v power is available).
  • Or with our HYBRID auxiliary power supply of advanced design deep-cycle batteries and industrial grade inverter

This refrigeration system can keep operating anywhere you are parked.

The Hybrid

The future

The Hybrid

HYBRID Refrigeration Systems

In some cases, depending upon your van size and temperature requirements, we can build you a “HYBRID” refrigeration system that will operate with :

1) The engine power of your commercial van, fueled by either gasoline or diesel or propane
2) From a 110 volt or 230 volt wall outlet off the ‘grid” at your plant/store/shop/home or portable generator, and
3) Can operate totally independently of either 1) or 2) above powered from an auxiliary battery bank

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