IsoTemp System

Want the BEST? This is it!

IsoTemp is the most advanced thermally efficient design in the refrigeration industry world-wide.


Modular Insulated Fibreglass Panels
Thermal Insulation Factor @ K<0.38
Brilliant White Finish
Easy Cleaning
Fully Insulated Door Panels With Double Seals
Anti-skid Floor
Water Tight/ Bonded/ Sealed Construction


2 Full Years

Optional 3 Temperature Zones


Polar Doors
Pvc Vinyl Curtains
Up To 3 Temperature Zones Available
Tiered Platform For 2nd Level Loading
E-trac L-trac F-trac
Custom Shelving
Lift Gates



Food – Frozen & Refrigerated
Meat, Seafood,
Grocery & Food Distribution
Catering, Beverage & Bakery
Bio-medical & Pharmaceutical


IsoTemp - Home Delivery

Industry’s Best Insulation Performance

– Potential to use smaller reefer unit to achieve temperature maintenance
– Less fuel consumption, wear and tear on van
– Superior food safetyGadgets in particular are small tools powered by electronic principles.

Easy To Clean

Sealed seams and integrated floor drain make cleaning quick and easy

3 Temperature Zones

Customizable Up To
3 Temperature Zones
Optional inner panels separate load space in up to 3 sections
*Only available in certain models

Long-term Durability

Return flange floor design and double-sealed, interlocking panel seams result in superior long-term durability

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