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Premium Product Line

Kool Dudes is proud to be the Official Ontario Dealer of the premium Zanotti product line!

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Zanotti King of Cold

King of Cold

Zanotti Transportation Units

Zanotti’s range for refrigerated transport of fresh and frozen food includes:

  • Battery units
  • “Invisible” units
  • Direct drive units
  • Direct drive Monoblock Units
  • Monoblock diesel units DFZ
  • Undermount Diesel unO°
  • Multi-Temperature Units

For big insulated containers Zanotti manufactures Diesel units ( Un0° Series) both in monoblock and undermount versions. The units are available with R404a and R134A refrigerant.

Zanotti Video

Advanced Refrigeration Solutions with Zanotti Multi-Temperature Units

Zanotti - Multi-Temperature Units @ Kool Dudes


Models & Specs for Vans

Zanotti - zero° 120b

Zanotti – zero° 120b

Zanotti - zero° 200s

Zanotti – zero° 200s

Zanotti - zero° 250s

Zanotti – zero° 250s

Zanotti - zero° 350s

Zanotti – zero° 350s

Zanotti Model 380s

Zanotti Model 380s

Models & Specs for Straight Trucks & Cube Vans

Zanotti - zero° 350s

Zanotti – zero° 350s

Zanotti Model 380s

Zanotti Model 380s

Zanotti SFZ238

Zanotti SFZ238

Zanotti SFZ248

Zanotti SFZ248


Zanotti - ufz348 - r404a

Zanotti – ufz348 – r404a

Zanotti - XTCC - Ontario Dealer

Be Sure to Check out the HYBRID

Environmentally Friendly Hybrid - Kool Dudes(XTCC) - Reefer Sales and Service

Commercial Walk-In Refrigeration

You don’t have much space on the wall? No worries, we also have units that are made for rooftop mounting. This low profile unit requires minimal overhead installation space. We have the system you need. Give us a call!

Kool Dudes - Zanotti Commercial Refrigeration Roof Mount

The penthouse rooftop unit is lightweight and can be mounted anywhere. The near flush-mounted evaporator ensures maximum storage space.

Simply mount the unit to the structure and plug it into the 220 volts power supply: Simple as that!

Kool Dudes - Zanotti Commercial Refrigeration Wall Mount

The unit can be mounted to the front of the cold room and uses minimal space inside the room to allow for more storage.










Zanotti BGM21817F -XTCC







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