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Kool Dudes is proud to be an authorized dealer of the commercial refrigeration Zanotti product line! Call today to discuss your project and options. 1-877-889-8789

Zanotti’s New Line for Commercial Refrigeration

Zanotti presents a line of environment-friendly products for commercial refrigeration that are specially designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The consumer gets the best solutions to satisfy their needs as a result of Zanotti’s strong, wide-ranging experience.

This new line of compact groups for commercial refrigeration use NATURAL and ecolological refrigerants and hence, have a low environmental impact. These units use propane R290, propylene R1270 or carbon dioxide R744 in addition to the proven R-404 units.

The units are uniblock self contained “drop-in” versions designed for wall or ceiling mounting(penthouse style).

These models use compressors that are specifically designed for these refrigerants and guarantee a high cooling capacity with a low power consumption, thus providing a high ROI.

Commercial Refrigeration is also used for  temperature control in:

  • Control Room(data centers etc.)
  • Tool Shops
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Switch gear

You don’t have much space on the wall? No worries, we also have units that are made for rooftop mounting. This low profile unit requires minimal overhead installation space. We have the system you need. Give us a call!

Kool Dudes - Zanotti Commercial Refrigeration Roof Mount

The penthouse rooftop commercial refrigeration unit is lightweight and therefore can be mounted anywhere. As a result of the near flush-mounted evaporator, maximum storage space is ensured.

Simply mount the unit to the structure and plug it into the 220 volts power supply: Simple as that!

Zanotti Wall Mount Commercial Refrigeration

The unit can be mounted to the front of the cold room therefore using minimal space inside the room to allow for more storage.










Zanotti BGM21817F -XTCC









In 1962, Mario Zanotti founded his company and gained immediate success thanks to his single block units, the now famous UNIBLOCK!

The customer not only receives superior performance from these commercial refrigeration units but also the simplicity of installation! Simply mount the unit to the structure and plug it into the 220 volts power supply: Simple as that!

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