Advanced refrigeration solution with Zanotti Multi-temperature Units

Sub-frame unit with a new technological concept designed to remove all kinematic mechanisms, thus reducing fuel consumption.

Multi-temperature version that makes it possible to transport foods at set temperatures in seperate cells.

The constant airflow ensures an optimal storage of products even over long distances.

The advanced refrigeration is suitable for vehicles with a large cubic capacity.


The multi-temperature unit is a revolutionary new range of diesel units.  All temp refrigeration with innovative technological concept, which removes the needs for drive belts, reducing service intervals and costs with improved efficiency.

Quality is assured thanks to our extensive experience allied to rigorous quality and comprehensive testing procedures which establish the durability of components in conditions of stress and in different areas.

Zanotti - Multi-Temperature Units @ Kool Dudes

Transblock - zer0° 380s Multi-temperature


Zer0° range offers a new and attractive design in the temperature controlled transport: ease and speed of installation and maintenance, reduces environmental impact and improved electronics for small and medium size refrigeration vehicles.

The multi-temperature version is suitable for cells with separate compartments to manage different temperatures for the food preservation.

This advanced refrigeration unit is quickly installed, the efficiency of its operations is guaranteed and it has a minor impact on the environment.

Temperature controlled transport with a new design

  • Improved access for adjusting controls
  • Improved access for service operations
  • Reduced total weight of units
  • Electrionic controller with counter and alarm recording


Technical Data

  • Compatible with vehicles equipped with O.E.M. A/C
  • Low power consumption
  • Cab controls with digital thermometer
  • Automatic and manual defrosting

Spec Sheet

Temperature controlled tra with a multi-temperature function

Split units for medium size vehicles with a

multi-temperature function suitable for cells with separate compartments to allow to manage different temperatures. The constant airflow of the advanced transport refrigeration ensures the proper storage of products at a given temperature. High efficiency and ease of installation are functional guarantees of this temperature controlled transportation. Suitable for medium size refrigeration vehicle.


  • Low fuel consumption and labour costs
  • Low noise level
  • Compressor operated through the vehicle engine
  • Compatible with vehicles equipped with original A/C

Technical Data

  • Electronic controller with counter and alarm recording
  • Reduced tota
  • Cab controls
Zanotti Transblock - Kool Dudes - XTCC

The un0° multi-temperature units for refrigerated transport companies. The unit inside the cell touches the ceiling avoiding the need to reduce the loading volume.

The 2 evaporating units operate independently for each type of performance, reaching a maximum cell refrigeration of 50 m³ for the secondary evaporator and 60 m³ for the primary unit.

The unit and diesel pump installation kits are included in the supply as are the cables for mains connection (max 10 m) including plug and socket.


  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Automatic temperature management through microprocessor


  • Different voltage on request
  • Battery 100A/H
  • Additional heat provided by hot water and electrical heaters
  • Fuel tank
  • Copper piping kit

Spec Sheet

The Zanotti un0°U Multi-temperature Transport Refrigeration Units are installed under Large Insulated Truck Bodies, cooling up to 5m zones, for positive and negative temperatures. They are Ideal for customers who cannot nose-mount their compressor units on their large Insulated truck body, that still need to maintain the split temperatures that their business requires.

Zanotti un0° Multi-temp Transport Refrigeration Units are available for un0°U 100 and 120 Units.


  • Automatic temperature management through microprocessor
  • New design with air intake grille that allows a steady air flow and installation on both sides of the truck
  • Anti-corrosion body and long life structure
  • High reliability for storage products
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to the elimination of moving parts
  • Reduction of noise levels
  • User friendly
  • High level quality components
  • Reduction of service costs due to a longer time interval in maintenance operations
  • Reduction of parts to be maintained due to direct drive in place of drive belts
  • Reduced environmental impact due to low consumption and to low CO2 emissions


Technical Data

  • Remote control panel for external installation
  • Battery 100 A/H
  • Copper piping kit
  • Fuel tank
  • Different voltage on request


Spec sheet – For more technical data download the technical sheet

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